Karen & Ken Stewart


Ken & Karen Stewart

Karen and Ken Stewart assumed operations of

Hoofs 4 Healing Equestrian Services, Inc. in March

2019 and relocated the program to Bloomingdale.

They both have had a love for horses their entire

lives, and they feel that there’s no other joy on this

earth that warms their spirits more than to see children

smile and their eyes light up when they see

their favorite horse.

At Hoofs 4 Healing a child gets to find acceptance,

kindness, joy and movement through Equine

Assisted Activities Therapy. This is their sport, not

soccer, basketball or cheerleading – just horses, just

therapy, just a one on one connection with their

special horse. They may not be able to walk or run,

but they can ride and feel the movement of walking.

They may not be able to move their hands or

legs, but they can feel the breath of a horse against

their hands, and they can glide in the saddle like

they are flying as they are led around the arena. A

day at Hoofs 4 Healing is all about them.

Karen will soon be a certified PATH International

instructor. She’s from Savannah and fell in love with

horses at a young age. Her dad, Gerald Douberly, a

renown certified farrier and blacksmith for over 40

years, raised her around horses. He owned 20 to 30

horses, and she would spend weekends and summer

days riding from morning till night.

Ken is a Vietnam Veteran and served as a Force

Recon Marine, and he’s originally from Columbia,

S.C.. He enjoys training horses, trail riding and taking

care of the ranch, but most of all, he enjoys

walking beside these special riders and experiencing their joy.

Karrie Griffin Henry Founder/ PATH Instructor



Karrie Griffin Henry is a fifth generation equestrian, receiving her first pony from her great grandfather when she was three. Some of her fondest memories are of riding her Welsh Pony, Lady, alongside her mother on her Appaloosa down the dirt roads of Savannah. Love of all things equine runs deep in Katie’s blood.

As a child, Karrie took riding lesson from the legendary Dale Thorpe at Sa-Hi Stables. In addition to the basics of riding, Mrs. Thorpe taught Karrie the etiquette, knowledge and skills required to become a certified instructor for The Professional Association Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH International). It was in the Sa-Hi Stables arena while cooling down a horse that Karrie had her first vision of teaching special individuals how to ride a horse. This dream would eventually become a reality in the form of  Hoofs 4 Healing. 

Karrie first witnessed the benefits of equine therapy in 1999 when she lifted her nephew who has cerebral palsy onto the back of a thin framed Palomino named Skipper at the Horsin’ Around Therapeutic Center. In 2007 Karrie became certified as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor through North America Riding for Handicap Association (NARHA), now called Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH International). After almost 20 years of volunteering at Horsin’ Around working with special needs children, active military, and veterans, Karrie became the Director of Operations in 2011.

In 2013, Karrie decided to launch her own program, Hoofs 4 Healing, utilizing the horses to their highest capacity to bring her passion to life for others in the safe and structured manner that PATH International has in place.